The Art of Waxing

The Art of Waxing is the brand, technique & creams that are used which is very important. I prefer to use NuFree Wax because its 99% antibromacial. Also for all types of skin, especiually sensitive skin. Its specifically formulated for full body waxing. Its a sugar wax that has conditioning agents, leaving skin smooth and hair free. Most important, it is bacteria free for all types of skin.

The technique which is used when performing a wax service is in the wrist of the pull which is very important to get the smoothest best results acheived. The direction of the wax and how the hair grows is always pulled tauntly in the opposite direction of the hair flow. Hair can be waxed in many directions from left to right to up and down directions. The performance is therefore always in the opposite direction of the hair folicle growth. This way no ingrowns of hair will appear. Holding the skin tauntly will give a smooth, clean area.

Bumps can appear. This can be from the wax, but Nufree prevents that 90% of the time. The cooling creams after the wax service is performed is important also because it calms the skin making it cool, soft, and moisturized. If the skin sometimes gets white pimples or red pimples it is because an oil-free cream needs to be applied. It can help them from not appearing. If the professional performing the service uses baby oil or a product with oils, reframe from using them after a wax because it will clog the pores and pimples will appear. Use an oil-free calming cream always after wax service. The wax service should last three weeks to a month. Facial wax about 2 weeks, depending how fast or slow the clients hair grows.

When a wax service is being performed ir should be a good quality brand of wax product and the technique to how its performed. The cooling after service of creams that are applied afterwards is all very important for the results to be clean, smooth, moisturized and last hair free. Waxing is an important service if done properly and safely for the client to benefit the artistry of ones face and body. Enjoy your waxing!