Hair Straightening

There are many reasons to have a hair straightening, as well as many types of hair straightening. Some of the reasons include: thick unruly hair, thick super curly hair, or very “frizzy” hair. With that being said, hair straightening has become the rage. With some hair straightenings, you can keep your curls but tame the “frizz,” while with others you can achieve perfectly straight hair. Some hair straightenings damage the hair, but there are many new hair straightenings that do not damage the hair. In fact, many can leave the hair in even better condition than it was in before.

Some hair straightenings utilize harsh formaldehyde and others do not. First there is the original “Keratin Complex,” containing minute amounts of formaldehyde. It leaves the hair in excellent condition, and controls “frizz” for 3-6 months depending on how often you wash your hair. Next, the “Peter Coppolla Smoothing Treatment.” Peter Copolla was the originator of the Keratin Treatment, and his new treatment is formaldehyde free. It leaves the hair in perfect condition without the use of any harsh chemicals. This is an amazing hair straightening. The Japanese hair straightening is permanent and has damaging chemicals. As a result of recent developments, this method is sparingly used. The newest hair straightening is “magic Sleek.” This hair straightening is made of natural ingredients from the Brazilian Rain Forest. This hair straightening does all the Japanese does with no damage to the hair. The “Magic Sleek” hair straightening leaves the hair curly with no “frizz” or perfectly straight depending on how it is processed. You need to consult your professional hair stylist to discuss your hair care wishes and determine the hair straightening that is best for you.