Hair Extensions 101

Hair extensions are an amazing addition to the hair care industry. Hair extensions can provide long, thick, gorgeous hair to a customer. Additionally, it can provide fullness for clients with naturally thin hair or those with medical issues contributing to thin hair. There are many brands of hair extensions out there, and there also many types of applications for extensions. First, there is the choice between straight and wavy hair extensions. Then, there is a choice between Keratin fusion bonds, metal beads, sewn in, or clip on hair extensions.

Keratin extensions are made of keratin (like all hair is); it is attached by heating and bonding a single piece of hair to your head at a time. This hair extension lasts up to 6 months if properly maintained. Metal bead hair extensions are attached strand by strand. This type of hair extension is heavier and can pull or break hair more easily. Additionally, there is a whole row weft sewn into your hair. Finally, there are clip in hair extension that can be taken in and out at anytime. This hair extension is nice for those who want a look from time to time or special occasions. Keratin fusion bonds tend to be a professionals’ preference; they do less damage to the natural hair and last the longest. As for brands of hair extension, “Hair Couture” is a top-choice. Clients have been very happy with “Hair Couture” hair extensions, and have found it to be better in comparison to other brands.