Hair Color for Beginners

Hair color is a combination of chemistry and artistry. Hair color takes years of experience and a good eye to perfect. This is why hair color should not be done at home. Hair color might cost you more at a salon, but the difference between hair color at home versus hair color at a salon is very noticeable. Most professional hair color works on the same principles. Hair color professionals know how to tweak things to achieve that perfect hair color.

Coloring one’s hair can be quite challenging; people are under the impression that if you want lighter hair you just buy a lighter hair color and apply. Hair color does not work that way. It takes much more to achieve a lighter hair color. People all think that if they have brown hair and want to touch up their gray, they can purchase brown hair color and apply. This is when they end up with black hair, and come to the salon for it to be corrected. When this happens, they end up spending twice what they would have spent coloring their hair had they come to the professionals for hair color in the first place. There is a good reason why hair systlists are licensed and continue to educate themselves year after year. So leave hair coloring to us, the professionals. Call to schedule your appointment today.